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American Portrait Painter

Born and raised in New York City, with over 35 years of experience as a painter.

BarbaraSaltzman 26x26 oil on linen

Paintings, like dreams, need to be born for their own sake.  As an Artist, it is my responsibility to hone the skills of my craft. Beyond this, I must learn how to see, how to listen, how to be still and how to allow the best and worst of life to come through me without being devastated in the process.  It is both my work and my offering of appreciation to become an optimum environment for the creative spirits who have chosen me as their host of expression. 


To have been chosen for the art of portraiture, makes me resplendent with joy. 

- Jennifer Bilek

I believe my work as an artist is to allow life to come through me in all its beauty and horror and not be devastated by it.  Life is tremendous, learning to allow it all through takes time.  One has to build their stamina for allowing life to come through them and allowing life to take the shape it desires in art.  I have learned I must be totally present at the same time that I have to step aside and allow the painting to be born.  I imagine, giving birth to art is not so different than giving birth to life.

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